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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

A gym management software takes away all the pain that comes with managing any fitness centre. The software is designed to automate every business process from bookings & payments to marketing, access control & memberships so that you can spend less time doing boring paperwork and more time with members.

Traqade is an online cloud based gym management software. You do not need any special setup or server to be set up at your facility. All the data is stored on a secure server and you can access any information you need from any device through the internet.

Traqade is a software as a service (SaaS) based gym & club software. This means you are subscribing to a service that helps you with your fitness business in the long run, as opposed to a one-time product set up fee, where you only purchase a restricted version of the license.

Our software has yearly subscription packages. We currently do not support monthly subscriptions.

Traqade supports biometric devices so that you can easily integrate member & staff’s attendance data with the gym software. Currently, it supports two devices – Essl X990 & Essl K30.

You can share all your historical/past data with us in excel files & our account managers will be able to import it to Traqade for you. However, all the day to day data has to be entered by you while operating the fitness software.

Traqade provides the utmost security to your data. It uses a 128-bit key to encrypt and decrypt data or files. It also uses a 2 factor authentication which provides an extra layer of security.

All the data from Traqade is stored on the cloud servers hosted on Amazon Web Services. Hence only you will have access to your data via the gym CRM software.

Only you will have access to your account & data. We also provide role based access control which enables you to provide restricted access only to certain members of the staff.

Any customization requests are evaluated by our team on a case to case basis. It is up to our product management team to decide what is configurable.

We have iOS & Android apps for members & staff.

Traqade Connect - our state-of-the-art member app is designed to give your members the best experience from the time they join your fitness centre to working out and getting closer to their fitness goals. From the app they can also access high-quality authentic fitness related content.

Traqade Pro - is an easy to use app for your staff to manage the entire business on the go, stay connected with the clients across centres, track their fitness journey and view timely assessment reports.

We have a strong network of 7000+ trainers and nutritionists in India. Traqade has a feature where your team members can create customized workout and diet plans. On the basis of fitness goals, we also have a preloaded repository of generic workout and diet plans.

Traqade offers open lead APIs which can be used to import leads automatically from 3rd party services that offer API keys like JustDial, Gympik, Facebook etc. The guidelines to configure this are mentioned in Traqade’s setting module.

Yes, your members will start getting email and SMS reminders from 15 days in advance from the expiry date.

Traqade is powered by Gympik - India’s largest fitness discovery platform and online marketplace Once you become a Traqade customer, your gym will automatically be listed on Gympik so that you can start marketing your brand to an active community of 5,00,000+ fitness users. Daily leads & trial bookings seamlessly flow to your Traqade account. You also get paid instantly when packages are booked on Gympik.

There are multiple ways attendance can be tracked using Traqade, the most secure being a biometric device integrated with the software, the second being a QR code that can be scanned by your members at the gym and thirdly, attendance for each member can be marked manually. All your attendance data is synched with the software.

Yes, Traqade is designed to digitise your personal training business & save your time. You can easily track personal training sessions and track your member’s progress & achievements.

In Traqade’s reports section there is an employee performance report, which highlights performance metrics like number of leads generated & converted by each staff and revenue generated by each staff member.

Currently all transactional messages are provided free of charge, and are unlimited.

Promotional SMSs are those messages that you use to promote your gym to customers, like communicating offers and events. Transactional SMSs are those messages that the software automatically sends out like renewal reminders, PT session confirmations, purchase confirmations etc via the gym management software

We will help you upload your data into Traqade. You will have to extract the data from your old software and provide it to us in excel files.

Traqade has been built specifically keeping in mind the fitness industry. We have focused greatly on ease of use and developing features that add value to fitness businesses. Not to mention Traqade is powered by Gympik, India’s largest fitness discovery platform!